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"Time has passed, and humanity has mostly passed away... yet time marches on.

When the bombs fell, the survivors fought each other and everybody lost... then the nuclear fallout did the rest!

But... you are in a peaceful valley far away, living by means of farming and renewable energy.

So, what are you going to do?"

The System:

"MIGHT" (symbolism: brawny arms, a sword) 💪
"PRECISION" (nimble hands, a toolbox) 🔧
"VIGOR" (a wide chest, a red heart) ❤️
"LITERACY" (the brain, a book) 📗
"COMMON SENSE" (also the brain, a light bulb) 💡
"PANACHE" (nether regions, sparkles) ✨

Every characteristic starts as +1. Based on the job your character does for the rural community and how you envision them, you can assign an additional +2 to one, a +1 to another, and finally a -1 to a third. Some examples below:

"The Quirky Energy Source Maintainer"
+2 Precision, +1 Literacy , -1 Common Sense

"The Himbo Gardener"
+2 Vigor, +1 Might, -1 Literacy

"The GILF Shepherd"
+2 Might, +1 Panache, -1 Vigor

"The Useless Poet Everybody Loves"
+2 Panache, +1 Literacy, -1 Might

Luck & Wounds:
You can test your luck by taking up to 3 temporary wounds (they reset each session or when the Game Master deems appropriate), but the fourth one is lethal. If it makes sense, and the player agrees to let go of the character, a source of damage can be immediately lethal. (e.g. a lovers' suicide by throwing themselves off a cliff).

Attack Rolls (to hit):
Always roll d20 + Precision, target to match or overcome is usually 10 but can be higher depending on circumstances. (Generally, 5 when it’s easy and 15 when it's hard.) A game of Earth 2064 could intentionally avoid violent content to be chill. Examples of stories where there are targets could be those with zombies, magical creatures, or people from beyond the valley.

Attack Rolls (to damage):
Based on the weapon class, some guidelines below:

d4 ==> bare fists
d6 ==> wooden branch or rock, stuff not meant to be a weapon
d8 ==> light man made weapon, such as a rusty dagger
d10 ==> heavy man made weapon, such as a club with nails
d12 ==> everything more advanced and usually rare, such as a rifle

(Direct attack: Add Might.)
(Ranged attack: Add Precision.)

The total number is to be divided by 4 in order to get the number of wounds the damage generates.

Skill Checks:
Generic actions you can perform with a varying level of proficiency. To find out if they're successful roll a d20 and add the corresponding characteristic. Targets to match or overcome work the same as in attack rolls. Some guidelines below:

Climb, Run, Swim ==> Vigor
Bluff ==> Panache or Literacy (depending on circumstances)
Mediate ==> Panache or Common Sense
Handle Domesticated Animal ==> Vigor or Might
Handle Wild Animal ==> Might or Literacy
Knowledge (generic) ==> Common Sense
Knowledge (specific) ==> Literacy
Perception ==> Common Sense or Precision
Stealth ==> Precision

Feat Checks:
Peculiar actions only you can perform, these are optional and freeform, create them with your Game Master. They should generally be only usable 1-3 times per session.

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